Progression Photos

30 Weeks

Only 9-10 more weeks until Baby Aiden ARRIVES!!! 👶👣 That also means 10 more weeks til Christmas!! 😱🎅🎄🎁

Fatigue is back once again and I have been having to take naps. Growing a Tiny Human is exhausting! I have realized that these last 9-10 weeks are the closest that Aiden will ever be to me. It makes me a little sad to think about, but having my own body back again will be a relief as well. Lately, heartburn has been the worst that I have ever had. It’s so intense at times that it is starting to make me cough. I have been eating Tums like they are candy to find some relief. Aiden has been so active and all over the place. It’s so amazing to feel him all curled up and resting to one side of my belly. I can actually see it because my belly will be lopsided. Lol 

Progression Photos

29 Weeks

Wow have I been busy these past couple of weeks! I didn’t even get around to taking a 28th Week Progression Photo. My Husband came home from work and we had our first Baby Shower! We decided to do a Fall Themed Shower because it’s that time of the year and it’s my favorite time of the year as well. I have been working on the Nursery a lot lately. Organizing and decorating has been my main focus lately. 

Symptoms: Breathing troubles, stomach and back muscle pain.

Cravings: Any kind of food.

Aversions: Picking things up off the floor lol

Wedding rings: Off

Sleep: Not as good as it used to be.

Excited for: My 2nd Baby Shower in 2 weeks!

Missing: My Husband, Wine and using my Ab Muscles without pain.

Exercise: Just did my first Prenatal Strech Workout for thr first time in over a month.

Stretch Marks: None. Thanks to Agran Oil and Goats Milk Lotion or good genetics.

Swelling: None

Labor Signs: None

What I am Loving: Days off from work and waking up without an alarm clock.

Progression Photos

27 Weeks

According to my OB I am officially in my 3rd Trimester! I can’t belive that I’m on the last leg of my Pregnancy Journey!!

After months and months of talking Baby names, we FINALLY agreed!! Now that we have his name, I can start customizing things. I bought some beautiful gold letters from Michaels that I have been seeing for months. Now I can have the Hubby hang them up on the wall! We are not releasing the name of Baby G until it’s revealed on the Baby Shower cake for our Family and close friends.

Symptoms: I have been having Sinus or Cold symptoms this week. Back and Stomach Muscle pain.

Cravings: PB&J sandwiches, Ice Mountain Sparking Water

Aversions: Nothing out of the norm.

Wedding rings: Off  😦

Sleep: I have had some weird dreams and many bathroom breaks like usual. Other than that I sleep pretty well.

Excited for: My first Baby Shower and revealing our Baby’s name!

Missing: My Husband and my Wedding Rings

Movement: Baby G is very active and some of his kicks actually hurt when in the wrong place. He is getting stronger.

Exercise: Haven’t worked out in a while. I have been pretty active thought the day though.

Stretch Marks: Nope

Swelling: Nope

Labor Signs: None

What I am Loving: The Fall Weather 🍁🍂🎃

Progression Photos

26 Weeks

These past couple of weeks have been quite interesting with my pregnancy. My Ab Muscles have hurt like never before. Getting up from sitting down is pretty difficult and painful. I also have not been able to wear my Wedding Rings. I decided to order a set of silicone Wedding Rings from Qalo. I couldn’t stand not wearing anything. With the Qalo rings I can wear them and not have to ever worry about getting them off.

Progression Photos

25 Weeks

Baby G is so strong for how small he is. My Husband got to feel him kick really good, this time he was home. We got so much done around the house and the Baby’s room is really coming along. I can’t wait for him to come back home in a couple of weeks to get more done around the house.

How far along: I am 25 weeks.

Symptoms: Peeing, peeing and more peeing! Abdominal muscle pain and back pain has gotten worse. Getting up from a seated position is getting difficult. I’m having to use my arms to help me get up to not strain my stomach muscles. I get very out of breath while doing simple things like Vacuuming the house and my simple Prental Workouts. Exhaustion and fatigue is starting back in again.

Cravings: None at all. I love all the same foods I did before.

Aversions: No aversions either.

Wedding rings: Off. My Wedding Set has gotten too tight and very uncomfortable to wear unfortunately. I have ordered a set of rubber Wedding Rings from Qalo.

Sleep: It is really hard to get comfortable but I sleep pretty well. It feels like once I fall asleep, I have to get up and pee.

Excited for: Meeting him. I am getting so close to the end that all I wanna do is see him & see what he looks like. A lot of my friends and family who were Pregnant with me have had their babies. It makes me so excited and anxious to have mine!

Missing: Fitting into clothes comfortably and lifting 50lbs or more. Lifting 25lbs is very painful and not happening either. It’s hard for me to not be able to do all my normal activities. I am a Deer Hunter and hunting season is appraching! When my Husband was home he set up our ground blind for me to use. I hope to get out there and get a Buck this year!

Movement:  YES! He is already an athlete like his Momma! I am pretty sure this little one is supposed to be sleeping majority of the day, but that does not seem to be the case. There are times of no movement but it doesn’t seem for very long. Sometimes he kicks something and it hurts a bit. It’s awesome to see my belly move when he gets going.

Exercise: I strive to do my Prenatal Workouts at least 4 times a week. My job has me pretty active as well.

Stretch Marks: Nope. I’m lathering up with Organic Goats Milk Lotion from Ulta and Sweet Almond Oil.

Swelling: I notice my hands being affected in the late evenings and early mornings. That’s why I can’t wear my Wedding Rings.

Labor Signs: None

What I am Loving: Decorating the Nursery, buying the decor and baby clothes.

Progression Photos

23 Weeks

6 Months down and only a few more to go! Time is really flying by. I’m up 16 pounds so far. It’s funny to focus on gaining weight instead of losing. 😂 📈

Working out has been a huge part of my pregnancy. My muscles feel less stiff and sore when I work out. Pregnancy does weird things to your body and muscles that’s for sure! 😳💪🔩👶💙

Progression Photos

22 Weeks

Baby boy is getting big and strong. When he moves and kicks now, you can really see it. Daddy will get to experience this for the first time when he finally gets home from work. 

I have been wanting to order custom made shirts and onesies for a while now. I just couldn’t imagine spending loads of money on custom graphic clothing that will only be worn for a short period of time. Some of my friends on Facebook have Cricut Machines and make all kinds of awesome things. I finally decided to join the crafting world and buy a Cricut Machine!

I found this beauty on Cricut’s Website at the link below.

I have made a couple of things so far and I LOVE IT! I made the iron on decal for a Maternity tank I have. ⤵⤵⤵

I got to design my first onesie! I’m getting the hang of it and falling in love with it. I have been seeing these Game of Thrones onesies online for a while now and I just had to make one for my first baby item project. I love how it turned out! ⤵⤵⤵

Progression Photos

21 Weeks

Work on the Nursery is underway. The drywall has been fixed up and painting will begin soon. My long time friend Mike is acting as our Handy Man since my Husband can’t be here to do the work himself.


Almost all of the work has been done in Nursery. Just need to add baseboard trim, paint all the trim in the room and thats it for the hard stuff. Then all the fun decorating and organizing can begin!!! I can’t wait!

Progression Photos

20 Weeks!

I am officially half way through this Pregnancy! These past 20 weeks have really flown by. The clock is ticking to get the Nursery done and the house organized. Now if my Husband could get home for more than 2 days that would really help. He has been at work for the past 3 months now. He is over 1,000 miles away working hard to take care of me but he has been gone for far too long. I’m hoping he can be here for my Ultrasound next week to see how Baby Grabowski is doing and to see if the Cyst is gone.