Progression Photos

21 Weeks

Work on the Nursery is underway. The drywall has been fixed up and painting will begin soon. My long time friend Mike is acting as our Handy Man since my Husband can’t be here to do the work himself.


Almost all of the work has been done in Nursery. Just need to add baseboard trim, paint all the trim in the room and thats it for the hard stuff. Then all the fun decorating and organizing can begin!!! I can’t wait!

Progression Photos

20 Weeks!

I am officially half way through this Pregnancy! These past 20 weeks have really flown by. The clock is ticking to get the Nursery done and the house organized. Now if my Husband could get home for more than 2 days that would really help. He has been at work for the past 3 months now. He is over 1,000 miles away working hard to take care of me but he has been gone for far too long. I’m hoping he can be here for my Ultrasound next week to see how Baby Grabowski is doing and to see if the Cyst is gone.

Progression Photos

17 Weeks

I have been feeling the Baby’s movement more each day. Within 10-15 minutes of eating the Baby gets pretty active. I can feel the little kicks/movements but I have to be sitting completely still to feel them. I’m on track with my weight gain and keeping up on my workouts. My appetite has no end and I’m constantly hungry. I keep healthy food and snacks in the house so I don’t feel gulity or regret over indulging.

On another note! I’m so excited for the end of this week! My Husband will be home and we will be finding out the gender of our little one!

Progression Photos

16 Weeks

I can feel and see the growth each week. Getting closer to my 2nd Ultrasound and Gender Reveal! I can’t wait! Thanfully my heartburn issues have let up. Today was a great day. I got to watch countless Hot Air Balloons go right over my house and as I write this sitting on my porch, I can hear a fireworks show. It’s an American Saturday Night. God Bless this Country.

Progression Photos

15 Weeks


My first progression photo started out with my baby the size of an Apple Seed and now it’s the size of an Apple! My OB appointment went well and the Baby’s heart rate was 165 bpm. Fatigue has decreased a ton. I have been sticking with my workouts so I don’t wake up stiff and in tons of pain. My Ab Muscles are definitely stretching and sneezing without pulling a muscle is pretty hard these days. My Prenatal Workouts involve some Core and Ab exercises that are safe with low intensity during my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters. I have been trying to eat as much Organic products to prevent any issues for my Baby. My hair and nails have been growing like crazy. Most likely due to my Prenatal Vitamins.

Progression Photos

13 Weeks


My bump is growing a bit each week. So far I have gained about 3.5 pounds. I’m focused on eating healthy and exercising to gain a healthy amount of weight. At my OB appointment I got to hear the Baby’s Heartbeat for the first time! Unfortunately my Husband couldn’t be here for that appointment. Luckily my wonderful and very helpful Sister-in-Law sent me her Pocket Fetal Doppler. The sound quality is not as good as the Doctor’s Doppler but it gets the job done. I was able to use the Doppler so my Husband could hear our Baby’s heartbeat for the first time. At my OB appointment the Baby’s heartrate was 162 bpm. I’m hoping for a girl and the old wives tales would say a heartrate that high is a girl. We shall see!


Progression Photos

My First Progression Photo!


My first Pregnancy Progression photo. Fatigue and bathroom visits are crazy intense. I have never felt so tired in my life. Maybe the many trips to the bathroom at night are partly to blame.  My temper has been extremely short and I get aggravated very easily. I am a no B.S. kind of person to begin with but this is a whole lot different. I’m sure my hormones will balance out and things will get back to normal soon. Thankfully I have no nausea. I do however get a little nauseous and feel pretty yucky if I don’t eat every so often. Small and frequent meals are exactly what I need. My Family Doctor confirmed my pregnancy and my due date is CHRISTMAS DAY! How amazing is that!