Playing the Waiting Game

I got checked out at what I thought/hoped was my last OB Appointment yesterday. My Doctor told me I am Uninducible right now. My “body” isn’t ready yet. I have an appointment next Wednesday to check me again. So no baby unless he comes naturally between now and Wednesday. I have been pretty upset and had my hopes pretty high. I just really wanted to have him ASAP for Joe to spend as much time with us as possible before going back to work for another month. Joe has been so great to me and just took me to have a back and foot massage to possibly get things going. He also got my exercise ball blown up for me to use to help as well. God bless this man for putting up with my grumpy butt lol



My awesome Husband took me to get our picture taken with Santa at Bass Pro. The last time we had our picture taken with Santa was when we lived in South Carolina in 2011. This Santa was such a sweet guy and looked like the real deal. His suit was AMAZING and he was very easy to talk to. It made me feel pretty awesome to say my Due Date is Christmas Day when he asked. It’s not every day that you get to tell Santa your due on Christmas Day!! 👶🎅🎁🎄

The stocking is from Target and the adorable Onesie is from Bass Pro.

30th Birthday Outing 

My AMAZING Husband took me to the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets here in Auburn Hills for my belated Birthday treat. Since I have had so much trouble lately with my Heart and Asthma we decided to rent a motorized cart for me to get around the entire mall with. Thank GOD they offer rentals at that Mall. It’s so big that I would have never been able to walk around and enjoy myself.

One of our stops in the Mall was the Sea Life Aquarium. This aquarium is no competition for the Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach that we went to the weekend we got Married, but we really had a great time. We will definitely be bringing our little man back here that’s for sure.

I convinced Joe to take me to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. The first time I ate at one of their restaurants was in Chicago on a 5th Grade Field Trip. It was so awesome as a kid and I really wanted to go back as an Adult. This is another awesome place I want to take our little Aiden once he is a little older. I know he would love it as much as I did.


32 Weeks

Baby Aiden’s Non-Stress Test

The end of Week 31 and beginning of Week 32 of my Pregnancy have been the most difficult so far. I haven’t even been able to take my Progression Photo. I just got home from spending 2 nights in the Hospital. I was having extreme symptoms of not being able to breathe, Heart Palpitations, not being able to walk from one side of a room to another without having to sit down and much more.

My first worry was for my Baby and how this was affecting him. Thankfully I have the proper devices at home and the know how to check my Blood Pressure, Oxygen Level and Heart Rate. My Blood Pressure was almost perfect and so were my Oxygen Levels. My Heart Rate was way too high. It was so high, like I was doing an intense Cardio Workout but I was only walking from one room of my house to another. This went on for 4 days without letting up before I decided I need to go to the Hospital.

I spent all of Halloween day in the ER before they admitted me and put me in a room. Upon entering the ER they immediately brought in an Ultrasound machine to check on Baby Aiden. His heart rate was at his normal level but he wasn’t moving like normal. They ran a Non-Stress Test on Aiden at the Labor & Delivery floor before taking me to my room. He finally began to move for the first time all day during that test and he passed it within 20 minutes. I was so relieved!

The next day they ran a Biophysical Profile. It combines an Ultrasound Evaluation with a Non-Stress Test. During the Ultrasound Evaluation I got to watch him practice his breathing. It was so amazing! My baby boy also has a good bit of hair! No wonder I have so much heartburn. 😂 I got to see his cute little ears and hands. He even gave us the “Thumbs up” too! Hahahaha 👍 They look for about 8 different things and they said he passed them all and did very well. He is such a good little boy already! Although he wouldn’t let us get a look at his face. 😞 He was being camera shy I guess.

After having a CT Scan done on my lungs to look for a blood clot, I had an Echocardiogram to check my heart. Both came back normal. My Troponin levels in my blood were slightly elevated because my Heart was working overtime and beating so fast. The Doctors finally diagnosed me with Sinus Tachycardia. I was given Cardizem, a medication to help slow my heart rate down which also made my Troponin levels drop from .08 to 0, which is where it should be. I ran the medication by my OB when he came to see me in the Hospital and he gave it the ok. Even though information about it warns against taking it during pregnancy, not having it would have a more harmful outcome at this point.

I have been so relieved to be back at home. Although, I do miss having my drinks and meals brought to me with a call. Lol Getting up and walking around to cook takes a lot out of me still. Hopefully we can get the dosage of this medication figured out to help me survive these next 7-8 weeks.


Maternity Photos

My Husband and I haven’t had professional pictures taken since we got Married in 2010. We were long overdue and I have always wanted to get Maternity pictures taken when I finally became Pregnant. Joe hates having pictures taken, but he was such a trooper and we had a lot of fun doing them. I think he finally figured out “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” after all these years! Hahahaha!

A long time friend of mine, posted on Facebook about wanting to take pictures this fall for friends. I of course had to jump right on that offer! I couldn’t see spending hundreds of dollars on doing these photos and there was no way of convincing the Husband of that either. Especially since we are about to have a Baby and buy our first home. Our friend Victoria offered to do them at a location that none of us had been too. I’m always up for an adventure and to see new places and my WONDERFUL Husband was totally on board with it! Yay! We had them taken at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan.


Choroid Plexus Cyst Update

I had my follow up Ultrasound today. I got more pictures and video of our Baby Boy. Getting to see him move around on the screen is so magical. Thank God for this kind of technology. While the Tech was taking measurements of his head I asked if she could see if the Cyst was still there. Due to laws and restrictions she couldn’t tell me. She said I would have to wait for the Radiologist to look it over and to call me the following week. I of course said I want to know right now and demanded they tell me. My OB came in and said they don’t see it anymore! THANK YOU GOD!! I had faith that it would go away but I was still anxious to know. I will find out more at my check up appointment next week.


A CPC Hurdle

I had my Anatomy Scan the 26th of July and we were able see our little Boy. Seeing his little fingers, toes, beating heart and cute little face made it all so real. Our Ultrasound Tech explained different things we were seeing for the first time and everything seemed perfect. He was very active and gave us quite a show. The Tech wouldn’t go into too much detail about some questions I had asked, she said the Radiologist would have to look everything over and get back to us on any issues they find. I had never heard back so I decided to call the following Monday about the results. I was told by the Receptionist that they needed to do a follow up Ultrasound to get a better look at some things they were unsure of. I had no idea what to expect. Maybe he was too active and she couldn’t get a good picture of a few things or they had an equipment issue or something.

My regular check up appointment was scheduled for that Thursday so I had to wait to get the details until then. I’m a worrier and I did my best to not jump to conclusions and think the absolute worst. My OB was on vacation for the week of my appointment, so I saw his Nurse-Midwife. She was a very nice, older Lady. She jumped into the issue of my Ultrasound right away because that was my first question and concern. She said “so everything looked normal with the baby, except that they saw a little Choroid Plexus Cyst at the base of the Brain (Brain Stem). My heart sank but I kept my composure to be able to thoroughly listen to all of the details. She said that “in the absence of any other issues, it’s considered what they call Clinically Insignificant, but we are going to go ahead and repeat your Ultrasound.” She said “we see this quite commonly in Ultrasounds early on in the pregnancy while the Baby is forming. There is a 90% chance that in the follow up Ultrasound it will be completely gone.” She said not to worry and that she is sure the Baby is just fine.

She then used the Doppler to listen to the heartbeat for a few minutes. I could tell she was analyzing everything she was hearing. He was moving at the time and you could hear it pretty loudly through the speaker. It was quite amazing. She said “the Baby sounds great and his heart rate is 156 beats per minute.” She also stated that my Quad Test came back normal. Meaning that there were no signs of disorders or abnormalities. Especially the certain disorders that can be linked to this kind of Cyst.

I went home and started Googling information on the Cyst. I’m a realistic person, and I’m not afraid of researching things like this. I know it’s not recommended, but not knowing more about it was KILLING ME! The information I found relived me and put my mind to rest. I also know that God has everything under control.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7


It’s a Boy!

Today we got to see our baby for the second time! The first time we saw him, he didn’t look much like a Baby. In the beginning of the appointment the Ultrasound Tech asked if we wanted to know the Gender and we both excitedly said yes! We had originally planned on waiting to find out at our Gender Reveal party to be with all of our Friends and Family. However with my Husband’s kind of job, planning things is EXTREMELY difficult. His work schedule got changed at the last minute and we had to cancel our party plans. So, now at the appointment we could find out the Gender of our Baby and not have to wait!

I desperately wanted a girl and he really wanted a boy. In the end we both were more concerned with the Baby being healthy and perfect. The Tech went throuh quite a bit of measuring and showed us all our Baby’s toes, fingers, organs and face. Seeing his precious little face melted my heart. She finally showed us the organs that would determine the Gender of our little one. At first, when she found that “that area,” on the screen it looked like we had a little girl. She was still getting the Transducer in place to get a better look and finally she settled on the spot. There it was! Our Baby was a BOY! I was in total shock. This whole time I felt it was a girl. I did the Chinese Birth Charts and the Mayan Birth Charts and most of them said Girl. Most of the Old Wives Tales symptoms said Girl while some suggested it was a Boy. We all know that all of that Gender Prediction is a load if B.S. and my pregnancy definitely proves it!

We were able to throw a last minute Gender Reveal party this evening. Joe and I were the only ones that knew and it was fun but very hard to keep the secret. Everyone was very surprised and very happy for us. It was such a wonderful evening and totally worth all the extra work and money.


Gender Reveal Box

I just finished my Gender Reveal box! I’m SO happy with it! Next Thursday is my Ultrasound Appointment to check up on our baby and find out the Gender. We will have them seal it in an envelope to take to Party City for them to put the appropriate balloons inside the box. My Husband and I are the most impatient people you will ever meet. Our Gender Reveal Party is 2 days later, those 2 days will probably be the toughest and longest days of our lives! We agree that finding out with our family and close friends will be worth the wait! 📦🎈👶❤💙

⬇⬇⬇ Below are the pictures of my Gender Reveal Box process.

Found a blank box big enough for many balloons to fit inside.
I used wrapping paper for my heart stencil. I also traced objects I found around the house for the polka dots.
I used light pink and light blue paint for the polka dots. I will be using black chalk paint for the heart.
The final product. I used a chalk marker and free hand drew the words on. I also taped and glued the other 2 flaps inside down, so they wouldn’t interfere the balloons coming out.

Feeling Baby’s Movements for The First Time!

Last night I felt my Baby’s movements for the first time! It was so slight and quick. I had to have my hands firmly placed on my belly to feel it. It felt like the Baby was kicking or rolling around. It only happened on and off for about a minute. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced! This is definitely the most amazing part of being Pregnant. I look forward to more experiences!