A CPC Hurdle

I had my Anatomy Scan the 26th of July and we were able see our little Boy. Seeing his little fingers, toes, beating heart and cute little face made it all so real. Our Ultrasound Tech explained different things we were seeing for the first time and everything seemed perfect. He was very active and gave us quite a show. The Tech wouldn’t go into too much detail about some questions I had asked, she said the Radiologist would have to look everything over and get back to us on any issues they find. I had never heard back so I decided to call the following Monday about the results. I was told by the Receptionist that they needed to do a follow up Ultrasound to get a better look at some things they were unsure of. I had no idea what to expect. Maybe he was too active and she couldn’t get a good picture of a few things or they had an equipment issue or something.

My regular check up appointment was scheduled for that Thursday so I had to wait to get the details until then. I’m a worrier and I did my best to not jump to conclusions and think the absolute worst. My OB was on vacation for the week of my appointment, so I saw his Nurse-Midwife. She was a very nice, older Lady. She jumped into the issue of my Ultrasound right away because that was my first question and concern. She said “so everything looked normal with the baby, except that they saw a little Choroid Plexus Cyst at the base of the Brain (Brain Stem). My heart sank but I kept my composure to be able to thoroughly listen to all of the details. She said that “in the absence of any other issues, it’s considered what they call Clinically Insignificant, but we are going to go ahead and repeat your Ultrasound.” She said “we see this quite commonly in Ultrasounds early on in the pregnancy while the Baby is forming. There is a 90% chance that in the follow up Ultrasound it will be completely gone.” She said not to worry and that she is sure the Baby is just fine.

She then used the Doppler to listen to the heartbeat for a few minutes. I could tell she was analyzing everything she was hearing. He was moving at the time and you could hear it pretty loudly through the speaker. It was quite amazing. She said “the Baby sounds great and his heart rate is 156 beats per minute.” She also stated that my Quad Test came back normal. Meaning that there were no signs of disorders or abnormalities. Especially the certain disorders that can be linked to this kind of Cyst.

I went home and started Googling information on the Cyst. I’m a realistic person, and I’m not afraid of researching things like this. I know it’s not recommended, but not knowing more about it was KILLING ME! The information I found relived me and put my mind to rest. I also know that God has everything under control.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7


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