It’s a Boy!

Today we got to see our baby for the second time! The first time we saw him, he didn’t look much like a Baby. In the beginning of the appointment the Ultrasound Tech asked if we wanted to know the Gender and we both excitedly said yes! We had originally planned on waiting to find out at our Gender Reveal party to be with all of our Friends and Family. However with my Husband’s kind of job, planning things is EXTREMELY difficult. His work schedule got changed at the last minute and we had to cancel our party plans. So, now at the appointment we could find out the Gender of our Baby and not have to wait!

I desperately wanted a girl and he really wanted a boy. In the end we both were more concerned with the Baby being healthy and perfect. The Tech went throuh quite a bit of measuring and showed us all our Baby’s toes, fingers, organs and face. Seeing his precious little face melted my heart. She finally showed us the organs that would determine the Gender of our little one. At first, when she found that “that area,” on the screen it looked like we had a little girl. She was still getting the Transducer in place to get a better look and finally she settled on the spot. There it was! Our Baby was a BOY! I was in total shock. This whole time I felt it was a girl. I did the Chinese Birth Charts and the Mayan Birth Charts and most of them said Girl. Most of the Old Wives Tales symptoms said Girl while some suggested it was a Boy. We all know that all of that Gender Prediction is a load if B.S. and my pregnancy definitely proves it!

We were able to throw a last minute Gender Reveal party this evening. Joe and I were the only ones that knew and it was fun but very hard to keep the secret. Everyone was very surprised and very happy for us. It was such a wonderful evening and totally worth all the extra work and money.


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