Gender Reveal Box

I just finished my Gender Reveal box! I’m SO happy with it! Next Thursday is my Ultrasound Appointment to check up on our baby and find out the Gender. We will have them seal it in an envelope to take to Party City for them to put the appropriate balloons inside the box. My Husband and I are the most impatient people you will ever meet. Our Gender Reveal Party is 2 days later, those 2 days will probably be the toughest and longest days of our lives! We agree that finding out with our family and close friends will be worth the wait! 📦🎈👶❤💙

⬇⬇⬇ Below are the pictures of my Gender Reveal Box process.

Found a blank box big enough for many balloons to fit inside.
I used wrapping paper for my heart stencil. I also traced objects I found around the house for the polka dots.
I used light pink and light blue paint for the polka dots. I will be using black chalk paint for the heart.
The final product. I used a chalk marker and free hand drew the words on. I also taped and glued the other 2 flaps inside down, so they wouldn’t interfere the balloons coming out.

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