Maternity Clothing


Over the course of a week or so, most of my shorts and pants don’t fit anymore. I have gained about 4.5 pounds now. My hips have widened a bit making it impossible to put on some of my shorts. Thankfully Target carries a Maternity line called Liz Lange Maternity in their stores.


My First Maternity Dress


Almost 14 weeks. Today is the day of my younger Sister’s Baby Shower. She is due this September. I never would have guessed in a million years that we would have children in the same year. My wonderful Sister-in-Law sent me a box FULL of Baby items and Maternity clothes. This dress from Motherhood Maternity was in the box. It hides the Baby Bump now but not for long.


I Love My Coffee


During my Pregnancy I am limiting myself to 1- 8oz cup of Coffee a day. I will sometimes treat myself to a delicious Decaf Coffee which has a much lower amount of Caffeine. Limiting your Caffeine intake during Pregnancy is very important to prevent a number of issues for your baby. I couldn’t imagine going without my Coffee that’s for sure!

Progression Photos

13 Weeks


My bump is growing a bit each week. So far I have gained about 3.5 pounds. I’m focused on eating healthy and exercising to gain a healthy amount of weight. At my OB appointment I got to hear the Baby’s Heartbeat for the first time! Unfortunately my Husband couldn’t be here for that appointment. Luckily my wonderful and very helpful Sister-in-Law sent me her Pocket Fetal Doppler. The sound quality is not as good as the Doctor’s Doppler but it gets the job done. I was able to use the Doppler so my Husband could hear our Baby’s heartbeat for the first time. At my OB appointment the Baby’s heartrate was 162 bpm. I’m hoping for a girl and the old wives tales would say a heartrate that high is a girl. We shall see!